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Chelation therapy is a food and drug administration approved therapy in which EDTA (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid) which is a synthetic solution, also termed as chelator, is injected into the bloodstream for the removal of heavy metals / minerals from the body. After the injection of EDTA in the bloodstream, it grabs the heavy minerals / metals like lead, calcium, copper, iron, arsenic, and mercury by adding them so it removes them from the body. Chelators work by binding to metals in the bloodstream. Once they’re injected into the bloodstream, they circulate through the blood, binding to metals. In this way, chelators collect all the heavy metals into a compound that’s filtered through the kidneys and released in urine. You get this through an intravenous tube in your arm. It is an effective way to treat heavy metal poisonings. It is also an effective one in case of atherosclerosis, and coronary artery disease. In case of coronary artery disease, the chelators bind to the calcium found in the plaque formed in the wall of coronary arteries, ultimately helping to loosen, and remove the buildup.

In addition to heart diseases, chelation therapy is sometimes used to treat the following health conditions:

Alzheimer’s Disease:

This condition occurs in people with abnormal proteins, named “TAU AMYLOID” & “BETA AMYLOID” build up in the brain which ultimately damages the cells of the brain. Sometimes, Alzheimer’s may also result due to build-up of metals like copper, iron & zinc in the cells of the brain; in such cases, chelation therapy might have a place in treating it.

Heart Disease:

When plaque forms in the arteries, an individual can get a heart condition; this build-up of plaque causes narrowing of blood vessels. This plaque usually contains calcium. The chelating agent EDTA binds up with calcium & ultimately clears out the blood vessel by complete removal of the plaque.

Lead Toxicity:

Lead toxicity usually occurs when lead builds up in the body. After a period of months or years, it can reach up to dangerous & possibly fatal levels. Lead is a heavy metal & can also be termed as strong poison. It can either accumulate in the body if it enters the mouth or is inhaled. It can also enter the body through the pores of skin or through mucous membranes. It is capable of damaging all of the body systems like heart, bones, intestines, kidneys; reproductive organs etc. children below 6 years are more prone to develop lead toxicity.  The symptoms of lead toxicity usually appear when a dangerous amount of lead is already in the body.

Copper Toxicity:

Copper toxicity can result from long-term exposure to high levels of copper through sources like contaminated food & water. Copper is a heavy metal & also an essential mineral that usually supports bodily functions like formation of enzymes, balance of hormones that make nerve cells, promotion of a healthy immune system etc.

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