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EECP stand for Enhanced External Counter Pulsation. EECP is an entirely safe, non-invasive & non- pharmaceutical outpatient treatment for treating and eliminating chest pain or shortness of breath. It is a painless treatment which carries no risk and has no major adverse side effects. EECP Treatment has the following advantages


  • Since there is no surgery or anaethesia involved, it is considered very Safe
  • With over 90% of patients reporting very significant improvement, it is considered highly Effective
  • Compring to Stents or Bypass Surgery, the cost of EECP Treatment is less than half, making it the most Economical

You can benefit from EECP if you


  • have Angina ( Chest Pain), whether on exertion or at rest
  • have a family history of heart disease/ blockage etc
  • have high BP, other risk factors of heart disease
  • have been advised Angiography/ Bypass Surgery/ Stents
  • have undergone Angiography/ Bypass Surgery/ Stents earlier
  • have been declared unfit for Stents/ Bypass Surgery
  • still have symptoms after Stents/ Bypass Surgery
  • want to AVOID risky & expensive Stents/ Bypass Surgery


The meaning of EECP is:

E – “Enhanced” means that this machine delivers a better quality of treatment

E – “External” implies that this treatment is performed from outside the body, without any intervention

C – “Counter” means that this treatment functions by creating a pressure wave that travels against the pdirection of the pulse

P – “Pulsation” stands for the rhythmic blood flow in the arteries during the treatment, caused by the pressure wave


EECP is the best NON SURGICAL alternative treatment for patients with blocked arteries of the Heart. It is highly effective in all types of patients


  • from those who want it as a preventive treatment
  • those who have suffered Angina or a Heart Attack
  • patients who don’t wish to undergo Angioplasty or Bypass Surgery
  • Heart Patients with kidney failure
  • Heart Patients with poorly controlled Diabetes
  • Patients with Failed Bypass Surgery or Stents


In addition to the main arteries supplying the Heart, there are millions of small blood vessels supplying the heart. These small blood vessels are called Collaterals. Over the years, due to changes that occur with Ageing, the main blood vessels become hardened due to Cholesterol and Calcium deposition, resulting in reduced pressure of blood supply in the Collaterals. The Collateral circulation starts diminishing and the smaller arteries start collapsing, resulting in increased dependence on the main arteries like LAD, LCX and RCA.EECP treatment triggers and accelerates this circulation by the presenting blood vessels and makes it permanent. EECP works by increasing the blood flow to the Collateral Arteries supplying the heart muscles increasing the blood flow to the Heart during its resting phase.. The increase in blood flow to the heart muscle eventually can restore the deficient blood supply. This decreases the frequency & intensity of chest pain in the patient with angina.

BENEFITS OF EECP IN DIABETIC PATIENTS – EECP in patients with Type II diabetes mellitus has shown reduced levels of blood glucose & glycosylated hemoglobin. The treatment will help the patients to have excellent control over their blood glucose levels with ease. The procedure is also risk-free and can also be repeated when needed. So, EECP for diabetes control will be a new non-drug, natural strategy. Nitric oxide is a potent natural vessel wall protector against stress, inflammation, prevents clot formation, and helps the vessel to retain its flexibility or dilatory property.  Uncontrolled diabetes leads to impaired nitric oxide production by the vascular endothelium, which is basically the cells lining and providing cover to the inner part of vessels. EECP has shown an increase in level of nitric oxide by 51.9%. This increased level of nitric oxide will have protection against micro and macro vessel complication in diabetes patients. The insulin sensitivity index is improved by 21% after EECP sessions. It means post EECP treatment; patients only require less level of insulin to reduce the blood glucose level.

BENEFITS OF EECP FORPROPER FUNCTION OF KIDNEYS – The blood flow to the kidneys is improved up to 21% by EECP. This increase in blood flow can help kidney to filter your waste product in your blood more efficiently. Harmful hormones like endothelin and renin, which cause vasoconstriction of your blood vessels and increase your blood pressure, reduce by 75-80% during a course of EECP treatment. EECP increases the urine output & helps in eliminating excess of sodium & chloride from the body. In Diabetic and hypertension patients, where protein leakage in your urine is considered as an early sign of kidney disease, preventive EECP treatment will have significant benefits in preventing kidney failure. EECP therefore improves the blood flow in the kidneys & also improves the kidney filtration.

BENEFITS OF EECP IN STIMULATING EXERCISE EFFECTS – EECP will control the increase in blood pressure and heart rate during exercise; this can help you to achieve a higher workload without getting fatigued. This effect will be a blessing for people and patients with a compromised cardiovascular system to attain improved exercise capacity. Intense physical activity activates a number of physiological changes in our body like skeletal muscle contraction, raised body metabolic demand, accelerated blood flow across the vascular system, accelerated lymphatic flow, strong heart muscle contraindication to increase the cardiac output to meet the increasing demand, increase blood pressure and heart rate to assist the circulatory system, peripheral vasodilation & stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. It increases the duration of exercise of an individual.

BENEFITS OF EECP IN LOWERING DOWN THE BLOOD PRESSURE TO THE NORML RANGE – When the cardiac muscle pushes the blood into the large arteries, a pressure in the blood arise. EECP helps in improving the blood pressure by improving the blood flow in the reverse direction in the arteries when the heart relaxes; it tends the vessels to increase the flow of blood when the heart contracts & relaxes. It causes the reduction in the blood pressure naturally without drugs; this reduction in the blood pressure is called “EECP TRAINING EFFECT”.


People with the following symptoms can go for EECP:

  • You have chest pain/shortness of breath.
  • Your medical treatments are not able to relieve your cardiac symptoms.
  • You have already had a cardiac surgery/Angioplasty and symptoms have returned.
  • Your physician has informed you that you can’t undergo Bypass Surgery/Angioplasty.
  • You are not willing to undergo invasive Bypass surgery/Angioplasty.
  • You have poor heart pumping function.


The main objective of EECP is to avoid undergoing Angioplasty or bypass surgery. Some of the major reasons for them to avoid these procedures are fear of the surgical procedures, its complications & the financial burden it can cause to the family.

EECP treatment covers the whole heart’s well-being, including the entire vascular system, and, unlike surgery, it is not a localised procedure. There is no hospitalisation, as the procedure is an outpatient procedure. There is no risk of infection, as the procedure is a non-invasive treatment. There is no risk of formation of blood clots. It is simply a walk-in and walk-out procedure/session every time, there is no downtime. There is no anaesthesia administered for EECP procedure as it is completely painless. It has no adverse side effects on the body. There is no risk of complications in EECP, as it is an external procedure performed by mechanical means. There is no need to take any additional or separate medication for EECP. This have been scientifically proved and well documented worldwide. It is well validated by the evidences of science.

While promising similar relief likes Bypass and Angioplasty, EECP procedures are much more cost-effective when compared to surgical procedures.

It is a well-known fact that heart surgeries require delicate precision & the risk of complications is more and can be technically challenging. Further, extensive preparation is required for Bypass surgery and Balloon Angioplasty with a stent. Even the post-recovery period is fraught with many ‘DOs and Don’ts.’ All these can be avoided when undertaken by EECP procedures.