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Erectile Dysfunction, also called as Impotence is a condition in which a man is unable to maintain an erection firm enough for sex. It can also mean a reduced need or desire for intercourse. This condition in men can be achieved by a variety of physical, and psychological causes. The physical causes can be underlying medical conditions like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, habitual smoking etc. The psychological causes of ED are stress, depression, fear & anxiety.



Normal erections are triggered by the responses of the central nervous system & peripheral nervous system; proper functions of the brain, spinal cord & nerves supply of the genital region is necessary for an erection to occur properly. An increased influx of blood to the genital area at the time of sex, resulting in higher pressure which creates a force against the walls of the veins; this what creates a sustained firm erection of the penis. Nitric oxide is a chemical which acts as a neurotransmitter which results in the dilation of the arteries causing an influx of higher blood volume to enter. The two of the essential components that are required for a proper firm erection are adequate arterial blood flow into the penis & the normal levels of nitric oxide in the body. Testosterone (male hormone) on the other hand, also plays an important role in maintaining normal sexual functions in men. It increases the libido (male sex drive) & nitric oxide levels necessary to maintain an erection.

The solution to this problem is actually one visit away from the hospital. When you visit your doctor / urologist for your problem of ED, your doctor will perform a number of tests including assessment of testosterone levels, hypertension, diabetes & lipid disorders; your doctor will rule out about lifestyle habits that is about your addictions, medications you are taking & also about your emotional & personal life stresses & worries. He will ensure that the blood flow is reaching properly into the penis & you have not had any history of injury in your penile area. After ruling out the exact cause of your ED problem of ED, your doctor may recommend lifestyle changes & other modes of treatment like oral medications, vacuum penile pumps, P-shot, shock-wave therapy & penile implants, depending upon the severity of your symptoms of ED. Therefore, maintaining a good relationship with your doctor is an important step to treat or overcome your ED problem.

Treatment of ED includes specific treatment of the underlying cause whether physical or psychological; treating the underlying health condition is the only way of treating ED. Your doctor will make sure you’re getting the right treatment for any underlying health conditions that could be causing or worsening your ED.


P- SHOT - P-shot, which is also known as “PRIAPUS SHOT” is a mode of treatment for erectile dysfunction which helps the men in achieving & maintaining stronger, long-lasting & firmer erections. It is basically an injection of “PLATELET RICH PLASMA” (PRP) which is taken from the own blood of an individual which is then injected into the penis. The effects of this treatment in case of erectile dysfunction last for about 10 to 12 months. The injections of PRP can be given 8 weeks apart up to 5 in a year if maximum effect is needed. P-shot have multiple benefits & is a pioneering treatment that is helping out men to gain back their self confidence by giving back their sex drive therefore, it is an extremely beneficial treatment in case of erectile dysfunction.

  • IMPROVES BLOOD FLOW - It improves the flow of blood into the penis in the men with ED for stronger & longer erections.
  • INFLUENCES SEXUAL SENSATIONS & PLEASURES - this treatment increases the sensations & pleasures of the sex life of an individual.
  • IMPROVES STAMINA - it increases the stamina of a man during sex.
  • IMPROVES PEYRONIE’S DISEASE - it is helpful for those with a curve in their penis; it can reduce the scar tissue seen in Peyronie’s disease & can also alleviate the pain caused by erection.
  • HELPFUL AFTER PROSTATE SURGERY - it helps with the sexual functions after prostate surgery.
  • NO DOWNTIME - there is no downtime after the procedure & one can see the initial results within 2 days of the treatment.
  • NO RISK FOR ANY COMPLICATION - there is little or no risk of any complications like allergic reactions because the plasma used in P-shot is derived from the own blood of an individual.


Shock wave therapy is also known as “LOW INTENSITY SHOCK WAVE THERAPY”. It is a non-invasive therapy & it is one of the many treatment options for ED. It works well in the patients with Vasculogenic Erectile Dysfunction. Shock wave therapy consists of non-invasive low intensity sound waves that usually pass through erectile tissue & restore the natural function of the penis by clearing the plaque out of blood vessels & also encourages the growth of new blood vessels. This therapy is usually administered in a man with ED through a wand-like device placed near different areas of the penis. The device will be moved along the parts of the penis for about 15 minutes; no anesthesia is needed before performing this procedure as it usually is a painless process. The trigger of the pulses improved the blood flow & also causes tissue remodeling into the penis; both of these mechanism can lead to erection of the penis that is sufficient for sex.