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Chandan Hospital is an interdisciplinary medical clinic providing comprehensive medical, health and wellness care since 2010 to the residents of Mohali.




After graduating from the prestigious University of Mysore in 2001, Dr Sandhu has had a rich experience of running a very successful peripheral General Practice from 2003 in the vicinity of Chandigarh, and has been running Chandan Hospital since 2010 as Director & Chief Consultant. He also holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Cardiology from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA, Fellowship in Pain Management from Aeculap Academy Kolkata under Dr Gautam Das, Fellowship in General Practice (FCGP by examination) from IMACGP Chennai, Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine from University of Greifswald, Germany as well several certifications in complementary systems of medicine like Anti Aging medicine and Ozone Therapy.




  • General medical Consultation
  • All basic Investigations
  • Adult & Travel Immunisation
  • Specialist Referrals as per requirement
  • Chronic disease management
  • Health promotion/ Counseling